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Thank you for visiting KerryDrew.com. Although I have always loved the camaraderie and energy in a live band setting, I felt a pull to branch out to the solo acoustic world. As the long time vocalist/guitarist for the well established Atlanta power trio "Three Left Standing"throught the 2000's, and former frontman for the southeast touring band “285” during the 80's and 90's, music has been a lifelong dedication. 

With a diverse setlist, I hope to entertain a wide variety of audiences with a blend of  70's, 80's and 90's classic rock, blues, RnB, and even a little country. My songlist may include many fan favorites, but this is not your “run of the mill” acoustic music. I work hard to infuse old tunes with new energy while maintaining a healthy respect for the original recordings.

I am available for all types of venues and performances - Private Parties, Clubs, Restaurants, or any special event where fun live music is desired! 


Contact me using the form below or email me:  kdrew17@gmail.com

Upcoming performance dates are below and I hope to see you there!

**There is a music player at bottom of page with a LIVE sample of some of the music I do taken from the Boathouse Grill in Hartwell 12/2/23 on an iPhone by member of the audience...its as live as it gets. I use no backing tracks but do incorporate a percussion/drum pedal on some songs that I control with my foot, as well as a looper which is  "live on the fly!"I like to able to change things up as the mood calls for, and still give that sensation and energy of a live band without the use of backing tracks.

Music: Original Recordings

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